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Manola Joanzil

Manola Joazil

Manola Joazil is a professional with over 15 years of broad-based experience in strategic and innovative communication solutions. Manola has held various positions at the University of Ottawa and Public Services, which have provided her with diverse professional experience and a keen understanding of communication policies and processes. Manola is a respected team leader and problem-solver. She has extensive experience in a high-volume multi-unit, social, digital and conventional communications performance, engagement and success. She has demonstrated strategic focus and a reputation for achieving results with communication initiatives. She is an excellent communicator with strong relationship and consensus-building skills.

Manola is also the co-owner of Tipikliz Restaurant Inc. established in 2018 and advises multiple organizations. She is enthusiastic to be part of the Odyssey Showcase team and looking forward to continuing her work in the community!