Looking Forward

Venues, student and public audiences, sponsorship, ticket sales and volunteer assistance have not been available for our live shows during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result, Odyssey Showcase has had to pivot its thinking to create innovative ways to adapt and move from its live performance events to new productions and platforms including digital presentations.

As part of this process, we are creating an advisory board made up of members with varied experiences and diverse professional and cultural backgrounds and seeking funding to transition to viable projects for these unusual times.

Developing and transitioning Canada Speaks is our newest proposed major initiative.

  • Canada Speaks will feature performers from culturally diverse heritages sharing their own life experiences and stories of historic figures they portray.
  • Canada Speaks is an evolving original project, inspired by our long-running signature productions A Musical Taste of Our Canadian Heritage/Notre patrimoine canadien, une odyssée musicale and The Gift of Jazz: From Africa to New Orleans to The True North Strong and Free.
  • Canada Speaks will allow audience members to come away with a better understanding of the parallels about racism that existed historically and that still exists in modern day realities.
  • Canada Speaks will also provide an opportunity for the performers to learn more about their own history and the history of others.

The program is designed to enlighten participants and make Canadian and related history exciting and accessible by providing entertaining, educational, multicultural and multilingual encounters.

Canada Speaks will confront unfounded ideas, prejudices and misinformation from all sources by providing accurate information from authentic perspectives and promoting discussions reflective of all voices in an inclusive setting.

The emphasis will continue to be on providing original, innovative and unique educational and entertaining insights into Canadian history especially Indigenous and Black historical experiences in Canada. Through Canada Speaks we will re-imagine and adapt the content, platform and delivery of our successful live theatrical projects to meet the needs of project and community participants in the new pandemic context. This will also provide a basis for live presentations when this becomes possible.

Odyssey Showcase welcomes expressions of interest from potential sponsors. For more information please email us at info@odysseyshowcase.org or call Deborah Davis at 613-321-2066.

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Odyssey Showcase acknowledges that the land on which we gather in Ottawa is the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabe people who have lived on this land since time immemorial.

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