Terry Rudden

The original ”Odyssey” was an epic voyage with ambitious goals, a heroic crew, and no roadmap – not a bad description of this current journey.

I’m Terry Rudden, the oldest member and newest addition to the Advisory Board. As a planner, trainer, consultant, writer, and advisor, I’ve worked across Canada and internationally for over 40 years supporting organizations and movements to empower social and cultural communities. I’ve been privileged to take part in the creation and evolution of the Indigenous media movement, the negotiation and implementation of land claims agreements, and the building of programs and institutions giving voice to creators across the country.

I’ve always been attracted to cultural intersections – between traditional and contemporary arts, between performance and pedagogy, between mainstream and alternative media. That’s why I’ve been a long-standing and unabashed fan of Odyssey productions; with imagination, talent and sheer brio. Deborah Davis and her team have created a special place where art, history and learning meet and meld in events that both entertain and educate, teaching without preaching.

I’m honoured and delighted to be part of this latter-day Odyssey, joining these joyous, talented creators in charting the next steps in the evolution of this important initiative.

Special Thanks to TD Bank for its support of these presentations.

Funding provided by the Government of Ontario and the Ontario Trillium Foundation

Thank you to the Government of Canada’s Celebration and Commemoration Program for financially supporting the presentation of the War of 1812 and our tribute to The First World War.

All photos by Alan Dean Photography, photolafontaine and Stephen Willcock with permission.

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