Jason Gullo Mullins

My name is Jason Gullo Mullins from the Cherokee Nation. I’m a First Nations cultural ambassador, educator, fine artist and performing artist. My role as a cultural ambassador is to educate and represent First Nations properly.

I’ve been performing with Odyssey Showcase and the Canadian Musical Odyssey ensemble for 12 years. In this time frame we’ve been welcomed with warm arms into the cast as family. The team has consulted with me and the other First Nations Cultural Ambassadors to make sure the culture, people and history are presented appropriately. These steps are greatly appreciated and has therefore strengthened our participation with Odyssey Showcase.

Canada Roars and Canada Speaks are an awesome layout of Canadian history. The format of teaching through the arts makes it easier for youth to learn, especially when you entertain and engage them with mediums they can relate to including live music, dancing, singing and acting.

Special Thanks to TD Bank for its support of these presentations.

Funding provided by the Government of Ontario and the Ontario Trillium Foundation

Thank you to the Government of Canada’s Celebration and Commemoration Program for financially supporting the presentation of the War of 1812 and our tribute to The First World War.

All photos by Alan Dean Photography, photolafontaine and Stephen Willcock with permission.

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