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From Africa to New Orleans to the True North Strong and Free

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
5:00 pm
TD Ottawa Jazz Festival
OLG Ontario Stage (Free)

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A musical celebration of Jazz from its African and Gospel roots to modern day expressions including the arrival and influence of Jazz in Canada.

From the cotton fields to the early roots of Gospel music to the more contemporary jazz sounds of today, The Gift of Jazz celebrates the courage, determination, grace and unrelenting spirit of men and women who overcame incredible challenges (such as breaking down the colour barrier) and reflects the history, impact and contributions of these performers on the world of Jazz.


Odyssey Showcase


Odyssey Showcase is a registered charity (Charitable Registration #849021944 RR0001) that advances education by providing information to the public and presentations on the history of culture, arts and music.

Among its other presentations, it is particularly well known for its annual joint presentation with TD Canada Trust of Canada Roars: A Musical Taste of our Canadian Heritage. This show is an evolving, educational, highly entertaining, and entirely bilingual stage production showcasing the roots and development of our Canadian musical heritage. This production highlights the power of music to educate audiences about the key social and cultural transformations that created modern-day Canada.

Our Mandate

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to support and present engaging and educational activities encompassing music, performance, presentation, and various arts practices. As well, we are mandated to present, distribute and archive documentation and history of Canadian art, music, and performance.

Our focus is to support programming that contributes to the study of both music and history in Canada.

Our Goals

Our Goals

  • Promote Canada’s culture, history and heritage.
  • Showcase the beauty, harmony and values of the Canadian experience particularly for Canadian students.
  • Profile the historical context of Canadian music and its links to social, cultural, economic, industrial and political developments.
  • Heighten awareness of Canadian history and inspire a renewed sense of passion, pride and interest in our shared Canadian experience.

Our Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Tom Gussman, Chair

John Jackson, Member

David Davis, Member