Jaclyn Fung

I am a proud Canadian of Chinese descent with a passion for progress and people. I love to work with and learn about different people, cultures, languages, ideas and ways of living. I am grateful that my university studies in both Sociology and Human Resource Management have allowed me to build upon these interests and passions. I believe that stories and shared experiences provide perspective, build connections and foster community.

I love how the Odyssey Showcase team manages to authentically represent stories, to integrate beautiful music and to celebrate diverse cultures. I want to be a part of this advisory board because I want to share the voices and stories of my diverse community in a way that is both inclusive and meaningful. I would also love to share my truths and lessons learned from my experiences with marginalization, inclusion, privilege and finding community. I am currently based in Montreal, after living and learning in Paris, France.

Special Thanks to TD Bank for its support of these presentations.

Funding provided by the Government of Ontario and the Ontario Trillium Foundation

Thank you to the Government of Canada’s Celebration and Commemoration Program for financially supporting the presentation of the War of 1812 and our tribute to The First World War.

All photos by Alan Dean Photography, photolafontaine and Stephen Willcock with permission.

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