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Our Vision

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to support and present original, entertaining, bilingual educational events, featuring theatrical performance, music and the visual arts while bringing together performers and audiences from different walks of life and diverse cultures. 

We focus on inspirational, historical characters and events that have contributed to the making of modern Canada.

Throughout our initiatives we place great importance on inclusivity and making our programming accessible for everyone.

Our Goals

Promote a greater understanding of culture, history and heritage.

Showcase the harmony and values of the Canadian experience from the drum beats and voices of the Indigenous Peoples to modern diverse representations.

Profile the historical context of Canadian music and its links to social, cultural, economic, industrial and political developments.

Heighten awareness of Canadian history and inspire a renewed sense of passion, pride and interest in our shared Canadian experience.

Generate impact extending from the stage to the classroom and beyond reaching out to all sectors of the Canadian community, having mass appeal breaking through age, gender and ethnic barriers to educate, celebrate and preserve our living history.