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Linda Casselman

Linda Casselman

Project Coordinator
I have worn many hats during both my personal and professional life from
being a law clerk to an entrepreneur. When my son was born over thirty
years ago I was looking for natural products for our home and found
Natural Chemistry. I was part of Natural Chemistry – one of the first green
I have always enjoyed meeting people and working with Odyssey
Showcase and Deborah Davis in many capacities has allowed me to meet
and work with many fascinating and talented actors and artists both behind
and on the stage. It is rewarding to research our rich Canadian history,
people and places and then find just the right pair of shoes or purse to fit
the criteria. It is especially rewarding to sit in the audience after a
successful reception and or live stage presentation and hear the applause
as Canadian history and music is brought to life.
I consider it a privilege and honour to call Deborah my dear friend and
share in her vision for Odyssey Showcase and future projects. Now if only I
could sing….