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Feature Presentation: Canada Roars

Canada Roars will not be presented in 2019.

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Experience the rhythm of Canada
and the rhyme of history…

Canada ROARS into its 17th season.

Featuring world champion performers: from Aboriginal roots to modern hits, this bilingual and unique musical history of Canada showcases a colourfully rich tapestry!

“Canada Roars!”

If Canada was a show, this is the show Canada would be…

DSC_1249_w900Canada Roars to life in the 17th season of “CANADA ROARS: A Musical Taste of our Canadian Heritage”, showcasing the roots and development of Canada’s history, featuring award winning performers, over 100 pieces of music in this unique and exciting, ninety-minute bilingual production celebrating our Canadian diversity and identity!

From the drum beats, voices, colourful regalia and dancing of the First People to traditional Québecois, Métis, Celtic and Acadian songs anddances; to the marches of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; from Jazz to Country, Folk and DSC_1078_w900the last one hundred years of pop and rock, and Canada’s contribution to television, film and the world stage, Canada Roars; A Musical Taste of Our Canadian Heritage/Notre patrimoine canadien, une odyssée musicale shows how music can stimulate, inspire and inform an audience about key social and cultural transformations in the making of modern Canada.

For seventeen years we have seen audiences relate to this history of Canada through music in ways they have never been able to relate to Canadian history before with enthusiasm, interest and passion.


Video courtesy of CMOD.ca.

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